The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers

Are you consistence in blogging?

When you started your blog, did you decide on how many times a week you plan to blog? When I started out with this blog I have blogged consistently every day, however if time is a constraint, I will stick to at least three posts per week, which only lasted a week. I’ve seen the traffic slow down when I blog less thus that pushes me to blog more all the time. So, if you are a beginner, I would suggest that you blog consistently with at least three posts per week.

Are you passionate with your blog topics?

Blog contents are important to drive unique visitors and increasing the visitor’s loyalties to your blog. If you don’t have interesting and meaningful contents, you might have a hard time growing your blog. Visitors like contents that they can learn tips to do something and there would probably be a higher chance they will visit again if they found it highly enlightening. So, blog more meaningful stuff!

Do you interact with your readers?

After two months of blogging, I’ve started to implement the chat box in my blog. Initially I rely on the comment function on each post to interact with my readers, however chat box will make me more approachable and keeping my blog on a lighter tone. Readers may not know the real me or feel my friendliness if I depend solely on the comment function, and I would not know who are my readers too. Do drop some messages on my chat box when you drop by.

Giving out love link

Till now, I am not worried about any page ranking mechanism or whatnots. Thus, I will link to anyone who I find have good contents on their blogs. Most bloggers wouldn’t mind to exchange links, something of a hobby bloggers have formed. Send some link love…and interact with each of them!

Do you do niche blogging in your blog?

Do you plan to blog in a niche topic or about everything that interest you? Well, I know for the fact that niche blogging will boost up more traffics as your blog will attract visitors with the same interest, however I have decided to blog anything that I found interesting and will enlightens the readers in my blog. The better way to brand would be getting a domain yourself with a brand name. That would incur cost, thus if you are just a beginner...BlogSpot is a good alternative selection.

Choose your main language

Majority of the world understand English and can read articles in English, so choose the right language for the readers you aim to have.

Is good writing important?

Not everyone is born with good command of English, however writing your content in an easy to understand article is a must to get your message across. Readers mostly want to learn something when they drop by, they may forgive bad grammars once awhile…but contents that are hard to understand will freak them out.

Learn something new every day

I have found that blogging has helped me more in gaining the knowledge I need, knowledge beyond just plain blogging, knowledge that improve myself a lot. A lot of blogs that I’ve came across have been a great resource for me and every time that I hopped to a site, most of the blogs help me to learn effective ways of certain things. Thus, you can treat this as a learning path for yourself whilst sharing the knowledge with your readers.

Be sincere and honest

Well, readers love sincere and honest bloggers. Don’t we all??

Basically, readers will respect bloggers who are honest with their posts and comments. So, whenever I am unsure about something in a post, I will surely state it out and ask for reader’s opinion for some feedback or to correct me. Like the saying goes “there is always room to learn more”.

How frequent do you visit my site?

Last but not least, I never fail to visit the other successful bloggers’s blogs. To be successful, you got to learn from the successful people. Why not visit here often? Let me share with you what I have found from those successful bloggers in my site.


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