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About Million Dollar Pages of Knowledge

Million Dollar Pages of Knowledge came to life in July 2008 and this is one of my many blogs. My other blogs are still alive out there, and I’ve never fail to update it regularly. However, Million Dollar Pages of Knowledge will be the one that I will make it public and if possible attracting more traffic to it.

Million Dollar Pages of Knowledge is not about making million dollars. No, I do not have that knowledge or skill to teach about making million dollars, though I wish I could earn millions overnight. Basically, Million Dollar Pages of Knowledge shows you things about Business, Self Help, Success Stories, Seminar Information, News, Feng Shui, Videos, Bloggings, My Personal Life, Technology, Celebrities, Holiday Trips, How to do, Do It Yourself, Do you know, and many more. Since I am learning myself, I guess I wish to share it with you guys too. I’ve always believe that there is always a lot of room to learn anything that interest me. Don’t you? If any way that the information posted is misleading, you are welcome to comment about it, in fact please correct me as I do not wish to mislead others with my stupidity! (Although the probability is nearer to 0)

*Knowledges earned are worth millions*

About Me

I had my degree many years ago, and currently pursuing my MBA, thus spending my free time in blogging. I love Anne Rice, however I’ve stop reading her stuff simply because MBA has took up much of my time in reading all the crazy-brain-whacking thick textbooks. I am currently addicted to Click Five – Empty song. I extremely love my 1st cup of Neslo (white coffee + Milo) and a must-have every morning. Without it, I’ll start the day lifelessly.

Oh yeah, I've forgot to introduce my name "-_- I am Lisa

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