10 bullshit things about me

  1. I hate to be friends with people, I am not friendly and I look like a bitch! Kill me, I am an evil person.
  2. I am not temperamental at all and no one saw me with flaring temper before, especially my family.
  3. I love to wear only bikini to shopping and I am not addicted to shopping. I hate clothes and jewelleries.
  4. I have a pair of boobs as big as Pamela Anderson and it is still growing every year, and a body that you wouldn’t crave for, pig-lard.
  5. I hate dogs, I love to torture them until they whine for mercy (I would have stop if I understood them, only if they speak any English language)
  6. I am not stubborn and easily get influenced.
  7. My skin is flawless and I had a breast implant when I was 21 years old for my birthday present.
  8. I love being sarcastic all the time, however whenever anyone annoys me I’ll just love them more.
  9. I am not pretty at all. I have one bitch-ass face that you will feel like bitch slapping me any time.
  10. I hate to drool over tall good looking guys.


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