Carpenters - Can't Smile Without You (Hellboy2)

From the album "A Kind Of Hush" (1976)

snippet of conversation from Hellboy2, posted by 885808326 :-
(may not be 100% correct)

Red: abe u fell 4 da princess
Abe: She's like me, a creature from another world
Red: u need 2 get out more.
Abe:She's alone in the world i wanna help her I need to care for her
Red: Ur in luv, hav a beer
Abe: my body's a temple
Red: no its an amusement park. Shut up n drink it will U. Wat track?
Abe: 8
Red: Cant smile without you
Abe: i know
Red:Yup i'm gonna need a beer too
Abe: I luv dis song n i cant smile or cry, i think i have no tear ducts
Red: I wish father was here he'd no what 2 tell U


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