Google vs Yahoo

I find this site has an awesome tool to compare the search result between Google and Yahoo. Type anything you want to search and see how many dots each has as well as how it was compare. I am quite lost though in how the mechanism work, since it didn't explain much about it.

Then, I saw this site where it compares both interface designs. Very detail.

As Google and Yahoo! continue their volley of product offerings, I thought it would be useful to compare the interface design solutions each company employed to solve similar user needs. In other words: how does Yahoo’s version of a product (Maps, Local Search, Image Search, etc.) compare to Google’s? Though some product offerings are virtually indistinguishable (Web Search, Image Search), others differ significantly (Groups, Product Search).

Below is a summary of comparison I did after reading from Sorry, I forgot to jot down the link from the site.



Incorporated in 1998, Mountain View, Cliff.

Incorporated in 1995, Sunnyvale, California

Founders: Sergey Brin (30) and Larry Page (31)

Net worth founders: $1B each

Founders: David Filo (37) and Jerry Yang (35)

Net Worth Founders: Filo &2.2B and Yang $1.9B

Employees: More than 1000

Market Capitalization: $20b

Employees: 5500

Market Capitalization: $32.7

Average Number of search / usage: 28.4

Unique Visitors: 61.5m

Average Number of search / usage: 16

Unique Visitors: 111m

From Forbes

So tell me, do you prefer Google or Yahoo?


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