Increase Online Traffic in 3 simple ways

There are many free online tools in the internet that you can find to help you increase targeted traffic to your website, for free. Here, I would like to share with you on ways to Increase Online Traffic in 3 simple ways.

1. Increase online traffic for free with Scoutle.

I've just found a new free tool to help me increase targeted traffic to my blog for free. I have about 100 traffic from this site after I’ve registered with Scoutle.

What is Scoutle?

Scoutle, is a social network site where users create personal web bots (Scouts) that crawl the Internet, and meets and connect with other Scouts and. It's best described as automated social networking for bloggers.
How Scoutle works to increase on line traffic?

You create a Scout that will crawl the Internet searching and
indexing interesting websites while at the same time promoting your
own website or blog. Every time you get a visitor to your website (it does not have to be a Scoutle user) we will allow your Scout to walk two times,
which will allow your Scout will meet other Scouts that are
promoting their websites. The system will try only to find
interesting Scouts for you to meet, based on interests, networks,
connections and more. The number of Scouts your Scout meets depends
on the number of visitors to your website.

Read more of the benefits of Scoutle here.

Watch The Video about how Scoultle can help increase your on line traffic Then Follow The Link Below To Join.

English introduction video for, an innovative social network using 'Automated Social Networking'.

2. Increase Online Traffic With These 3 FREE Tools From Yahoo. Use the tools below provided by Yahoo to get more blog traffic.

  • · My Yahoo button. Add to My Yahoo!This button allows your blog readers to ad your blog feed to there "My Yahoo" page.
  • · Submit Your Feed To Yahoo. Submit your RSS feed to yahoo and get your blog listed in the yahoo search engine faster.
  • · Yahoo Answers -Use Yahoo Answers to increase your online traffic.

I have seen some increase of traffic although not much after I’ve submit my feed to Yahoo.

Check out the video to learn more about how to use the Yahoo tools to increase your traffic.

Increase On Line Traffic - FREE Yahoo Traffic Increase! - Click here for more home videos

3. One way that can bring visitors to your website or blog is to get your blog approved by Google News

I have yet to implement this step. But do watch the video below that will show you how to do just that using Google news.

This video is about how to:

- Increase website traffic
- Get more website traffic
- Get free targeted website traffic


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