World Deadliest Delicacies

People can die from eating this few delicacies, would you dare to try?

(1) Fugu or Pufferfish

Everyone knows how deadly the toxin from Pufferfish that can leave you paralyzed and if not treated on time can cause you death. However, this is considered an authentic Japanese delicacy that will require a skillful master to prepare it, which may take years for the master to master it. A slight error of preparing the fish may cause the toxin to contaminate the fish. Although with many deaths reported in Japan, people still love to devour the delicacy.

(2) San Nak Ji or Live Octopus

This is a popular delicacy in both Korea and Japan, where people eat it while it’s still alive and moving. It is eat with the tentacles stick to the roof of the mouth and swallow it without choking. Averages of 6 deaths due to choking on the octopus are reported each year in South Korea, but yet, people still dares to devour it.

(3) Giant Bullfrog

This is a delicacy in Namibia, where the bullfrog is eat wholly except the internal organs because it is poisonous which may lead to kidney failure in some cases.

(4) Echizen Jellyfish

The giant jellyfish is huge and poisonous like Pufferfish, thus preparation must be very careful for safe consumption.


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