Do you know what is JAXTR?

Have you heard of Jaxtr before? NO? Well, it is a new media similar to Skype.

What is Jaxtr?

If you understand how Skype mechanism work, then you probably would like Jaxtr as well. Visitors to the Jaxtr user’s profile page can use their VoIP widget and initiate a phone call, which the Jaxtr user can receive on his or her home, office, or mobile phone without being online or divulging their phone numbers. Jaxtr integrates its service into popular online destinations such as MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Orkut, Craigslist, eBay, LiveJournal, and Blogger.

The New York Times qoute "Skype Investor Now Turn to Jaxtr"

How it works?

You'll love our rates, and you'll love the convenience more. Get local jaxtr numbers for your international friends and save them to your mobile. Your next call will be as easy and direct as a local one. And if your friends join jaxtr, you can make free in-network calls to each other.

On café jaxtr, members socialize around the question "What do you want to talk about?". So upload your photo and add the topics that interest you. You'll soon find out why café jaxtr is the world's largest Talk Network™.

Post your widget on your social networking pages, blog or website. When you post your widget, you can hear from others while keeping your phone number private. And you can screen calls before your phone even rings. You can also give your link to your jaxtr contact page instead of your real phone number to keep it private.

Send free SMS messages to over 150 countries. You can receive replies in your mobile phone or email.

When you add your jaxtr link to your email signature, you help friends, family and business contacts save money. You also gain the ability to control which phone rings (home, work, mobile) when they call you.

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Sign up to Jaxtr for cheap Jax calls!


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2 Responses to "Do you know what is JAXTR?"

Anonymous said... September 10, 2008 at 12:36 AM

Thanks Lisa. We really appreciate that you blogged about us.

-=THIS IS MY SITE=- said... September 10, 2008 at 12:43 AM

jim @ jaxtr: hi jim.. you're welcome. I hope I've covered most of the stuff you have. If you have any new updates, do let me know :D i shall update


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