you can follow your favorite blogs via blogger

Google has recently launched its new function Followers. Followers help bloggers to build communities and stay up to date with the blogs they are currently following. To follow a blog with Follower’s Gadget, click the Follow this Blog link. You can show your support by following right from your Blogger Dashboard. This is designed for bloggers to keep their favourite blogs in the tabs. You can also easily check out who follows you and what the others you followed are writing.

So, use them now and start following, you can start following my blog too. ^_^ *hehe* And I'll follow you


(Remember to use good blogging manners)

2 Responses to "you can follow your favorite blogs via blogger"

SlumbeRaja said... September 12, 2008 at 3:26 PM

sure, why not, i follow you, you follow me.. hehe but the problem is i dunno where the follower gadget. i can see the word followers (0) on the right hand side but can't click it. btw, are u malaysian?

-=THIS IS MY SITE=- said... September 12, 2008 at 5:27 PM

slumberaja: hi, i think we r quite confused with this new gadget aren't we? lol

i went to your site and click on your follow this blog but returned error :(

anyway..pls click on
"Follow this blog"

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