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So, if you have any suggestions or complaints about AirAsia or Tony himself, you can visit his blog and make a comment on any of his post, or email him at

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His recent post tells where he was and what he does...
Please call me Tony, so that's what I would like to be called. This is me, not a ghostwriter so pardon the typos and poor grammar. Just returned form London and went to watch basketball (my next project an Asean Basketball League - will tell you all about it soon) and today went to watch the Women's World Cup of Table Tennis as AirAsia was a sponsor.

Now that is a great Entrepreneur who took out some time to blog to stay close to his dear customers, and just like many of us who worries about grammar and typos.

AirAsia has also created another blog, Just Plane Thoughts where you can make your complaints and blog about it at their site.

Just Plane Thoughts invites you into AirAsia’s world. We’ll provide insights into our company, our people, our culture and our working lives. We promise to make things interesting as to make your visit here worthwhile. We also want to hear from our readers. You get to post comments as well as blog with us! Just sign in and click on User Guide for more info.

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This is a great and cost saving customer service that Tony'd provided for us.


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