EntreCard bloggers: A Chance to win a free webhosting!

Well, I was blog hopping on some Entrecard promotion or contest which is exploding through the blogging world recently and I came across SecludedHabitat. The great part of this blog is it is holding a contest to a space to host on his site. Isn’t that great? So, I am answering the needed questions...

  1. Be a current Entrecard member, displaying the EC Widget on your blog
    • Yes I am and I did.
  2. Be an active and regular blogger (no blogs that have not had a post in over a month)
    • I did it almost every day!
  3. Be willing to host (at minimum) an active blog on the web space if you win.
    • It will be such a pleasure to have this privilege as I am looking for one.
  4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this post.
    • I truly hope I am!

    • Why you want to win this competition?

Why? I am so delighted when I saw the opportunity of a free space hosting that I could take advantage of blogging, since I am really looking for a web hosting service now. The more reason I should win this competition!

    • Why you feel you deserve to win the free hosting?

I deserve this because plainly I am looking and searching for a few web hosting from Godaddy.com to my local web host to any others available, however looking at the package prices has held me back. I feel that I wish to have a my own page to do what I wanted to do such as blogging about widgets, latest technology, some money making tips, tips on gaining traffics and whatnots to share it with people who have interest just like me.

    • Why you have not got paid hosting previously?

I am currently funding my studies thus do not have the privilege of money to splurge on a web hosting package.

    • And finally how would having your own hosting enable you to enhance your blog or service to the community?
      1. To encourage interaction with my readers
      2. Probably hundreds of Wordpress plugins
      3. Many template to choose from
      4. To gain more targeted traffics to the blog and retain the readers
      5. To have my very own blog domain that everyone can remember

You are wondering what will the prizes be? Check out his terms & conditions.


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