7 Signs That Your Blog Is On The Right Track

Building a solid and effective blog is frustrating and that take hard work to build it. I have been working on building a solid foundation on the blog however with other daily errands I have has made me slow down my activity in this blog. Thus, it make me think like I am getting nowhere. I bet that most of you felt the same way too, at some point of your blogging life. I am wondering whether I am at the right track, or not. Is there any progress?

So, I've started evaluating my blog.


[1] Did my subscriber count increased?

Since I’ve started, yes, I have found it did increased and stop when I slow down. I did see some progress there. Gaining the trust of subscribers is not easy as you need to stay consistent with your blogging.


[2] Did my inbound linking increased?

Links are very important which may help in gaining traffics however, my linking slowed down when I didn’t blog consistently.


[3] Did the numbers of comments increased?

Well it did. However, once I have slowed down again, I could not attract more commenters to participate in the post.


[4] Any increased of page views or page per visit?

Yes, I can see that from my Google Analytics and noticed that readers are very interested in the HOW TO and widgets posts.


[5] Am I consistent in posting?

If you are posting consistently then that will be a major effect in the blog. It may sound easy but to post something unique and informative daily is not an easy job to do. *that reminds me to pick up my consistency once again*


[6] Did I improve my articles quality?

Yes, I would say thorough the time I learn to blog, I have found ways to find more informative post to share it with the readers. Although when I look at my first few posts I am kind of embarrassed by the quality however I know I am not alone. Growth in quality takes time when you are used to blogging for informative topics and learn how to write in general. Don’t sweat, it takes more experience in blogging to be good in quality post.


[7] Did I increase my network of bloggers?

As all bloggers know that networking is significant to gain loyal readers, inbound links and much more. In a way, I am still striving hard in networking areas. I bet most of us out there are trying hard on this as well, spending a lot of time networking here and there, don’t we?






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