Lady Boy Performers in Simon Cabaret Phuket - (transvestite)

I went to Phuket and watched this Simon Cabaret show of all the ladyboys performing on top a very grand stage. They truly dressed up grandly with very grand background on every each topic. We are not allowed to take any photos or video when we were inside, and I am so happy to have found most of them from youtube! Youtube rocks!!!!!

I extremely like this Tina Turner Cover by Drag Queen. 'She' is really good in impersonating Tina Turner, and all of us had fun when she performed, enjoying to the music, clapping our hands and stuff.

"I Will Survive" - survive through the few seconds of the yelling before enjoying the video.

Then, they have some very old Chinese songs too.

Another one that shows almost all of it.

They are really talented people on stage, however at the end of the performance, they will have this session of photographing outside the stage. RM4 per person. You can see how pity they were when they beg you for photos.


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