Edward Skading with F&N Dairies (M) Sdn Bhd -lawsuit

This morning, I went into a blog I've always read but didn't visit for quite some time and stumbled on a topic he blogs about. He talks about a blog he stumbled upon.

Check it out here. (look at the photos too)

So, I've went in and check on it. I got to say this guy has the gut and time to fight for what he believes in where mostly Malaysian will just close one eye and move on.

This is taken from his blog on what he quote about his intention of his blog.
Welcome to my tiny rectitude space. My name is Edward Skading and I am a senior citizen of Malaysia. I am absolutely responsible for this open debate weblog and the subject contents are my personal opinions. All documents, letters and photos posted or pasted on my weblog are legitimate, factual and justifiable. It’s a truthful account of the events transpired between F&N Dairies (M) Sdn Bhd and me, pertaining to my consumer grievances on the contaminated Tea Pot Sweeten Condensed Milk, produced by F&N Dairies (M) Sdn Bhd. All transpired communications and correspondences between F&N Dairies (M) Sdn Bhd (management staffs, lawyers and consultants) and me are not or shall not be deemed private and confidential, although the words are printed on the documents. There is no privacy or non disclosure agreement established between F&N Dairies (M) Sdn Bhd (management staffs, lawyers and consultants) and me. Therefore, the documents, letters and photos are not restricted from generalised use. Also, there is no copyrights restriction on any of the contents. The only reason why this weblog was created is to hold an open (public) and transparent dialog/debate with F&N Dairies (M) Sdn Bhd's over my consumer grievances. The objective of this open debate weblog is to defend my integrity by exposing the truth based on facts, as well as to attain resolutions for my consumer grievances. This open debate weblog will be removed when the objective is met. The subject of this open debate weblog and whatever published in here are also on matters of public interest (especially to all people residing in Malaysia). I am also in a quest to seek accountability, reliability, transparency, efficiency, assurance, governance and thoughtfulness from the food producer, F&N Dairies (M) Sdn Bhd. The intent of this weblog is not to tarnish or damage the good standing and creditable image of F&N products and its organisations. During the dialog/debate, if F&N Dairies Sdn Bhd can prove with truthful facts of any incorrectness or inconsistency in this open debate weblog, I will immediately remove whatever deemed reasonably necessary. If you are a reader of this open debate weblog and happened to be a consumer or stakeholder of F&N products, please be informed that I am not hampering your opinion, support, belief and creditability over/about/for F&N products. Put it this way, “I am not influencing you to boycott F&N products. You are mature enough to have your own opinion”. Everyone has an opinion about something these days. While as a reader or contributor to this open debate weblog, it is fine for you to express an opinion or comment while this dialog/debate takes place, but please ensure what you write (say) are sincere and accurate remarks. I will not hesitate to remove any comments which are not accurate and true about/against F&N Dairies (M) Sdn Bhd or me. You must back up what you say. Thank you.


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