Top 100 Most Beautiful Places In The World

I was searching for beautiful places for my next holiday visit, and I came across one site that features Top 100 beautiful places in the world. I was surprised on the compilation and ran through the list myself. Check out the list below that I’ve took from the site (site compiled the list with photos of each place).

1. The Inca city of Machu Picchu, Peru
2. The Iguazu waterfalls, Argentina, Brazil
3. The Tadj Mahall, India
4. The pyramids and the sphinx, Egypt
5. The great canyon of Colorado, United States of America
6. Migrating animals in the Serengeti park, Tanzania
7. The Nabataea city of Petra, Jordania
8. The Great Wall, China
9. The Victoria waterfalls, Zimbabwe, Zambia
10. The great coral reef, Australia
11. The city of Angkor, Cambodia
12. The Amazonian virgin forest, Brazil - Peru
13. The Niagara waterfalls, Canada - United States of America
14. The salar of Uyuni, Bolivia
15. The Abu Simbel temple, Egypt
16. The Halong bay, Vietnam
17. The Bora-Bora island, French Polynesia

18. Pagan, the thousand pagodas plain, Myanmar

19. Sand dunes of the Sahar, Morocco - Mauritania - Mali - Algeria - Niger - Libya - Chad - Sudan - Egypt

20. Fjords and the Preikestolen cliff, Norway

21. The pre-Columbian pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico

22. The Ngorongoro crater, Tanzania

23. White immensity of Antarctica, north pole

24. Lunar scenery at the south of Altiplano and the colourful lagoons (Colorado and Verde), Bolivia

25. Mount Everest, Nepal - China

26. Bali island, Indonesia

27. Muslim fervour at Mecca, Saudi Arabia

28. Karstic peaks at Guilin, along the Li river, China

29. The Galapagos archipelago, Ecuador

30. The Perito Moreno glacier, Argentina

31. The blue mosque in front of Hagia Sofia, Turkey, Istanbul

32. The caves of Carlsbad, United States of America

33. The carnaval of Rio, Brazil

34. The rice terrace fields of Banaue, Philippines

35. Venice and its canals, Venice, Italia

36. The Cappadocia and the Goreme valley, Turkey

37. Moai statues of the Easter island, Chile

38. The Vatican and the Saint Peter’s basilica, The Vatican

39. Aerial view of Rio bay, Brazil

40. The Potala, dalai-lama’s palace, Tibet, China

41. The Maya city of Chichen Itza, Mexico

42. The Yellowstone national park, United States of America

43. The Piana rocky inlet and the Girolata gulf, France

44. The Coliseum, Italia, Rome

45. The limestone basins at Huanglong,

46. The Mezquita of Cordoba, Spain

47. The Giants’ Causeway, Northern Ireland

48. Milford sound and the Mitre peak, New Zealand

49. The Buddhistic temple of Borobudur, Indonesia

50. The Kilauea and the Hawaii volcanoes, States of America

51. The frescoes of the Sixtin church, Vatican, Rome

52. The Hassan II mosque, Morocco

53. Florence, the duomo and the ponte vecchio, Italia

54. The Acropolis and the Parthenon, Greece

55. The Registan at Samarkand, Uzbekistan

56. The Versailles castle, France

57. Big Ben and the Parliament Square, United Kingdom

58. The Meteors : monasteries built on rocky peaks, Greece

59. The Mont Saint-Michel, France

60. The royal palace and the Wat Phra Kaeo, the emerald buddha temple, Thailand

61. Hindu fervour at the banks of the Ganges at Varanasi, India

62. A Nil cruise between Luxor and Assuan, Egypt

63. The Eiffel tower, France

64. The colorful waters of the Jiuzhaigou river, China

65. The Kremlin and the Saint Basil the blest cathedral, Russia

66. The Komodo island, Indonesia

67. The Louvre museum, France

68. The Alhambra, Spain

69. The Canaima park and the Salto Angel waterfalls, Venezuela

70. The Aeolian islands and the Stromboli, Italia

71. The Plitvice park and its waterfalls, Croatia

72. The Neuschwanstein castle, Germany

73. The Reims cathedral, France

74. The Uluru giant monolith at Ayers Rock, Australia

75. The Baikal lake, Russia

76. The Wulingyuan rocky peaks, China

77. The Karnak temple, Egypt

78. The statue of Liberty and the Manhattan view, United States of America

79. The Sagrada Familia, Spain

80. The Meidan-e Imam at Ispahan, Iran

81. The city of Prague, Czech Republic

82. Giant sequoias, United States of America

83. The Tasmania island, Australia

84. Chorus of lights at Las Vegas, Etats-Unis

85. The pagoda of Shwedagon, Myanmar

86. The emperor Qin I’s mausoleum and his terracotta army, China

87. The city of Sydney and the opera house, Australia

88. Nightlife on the Djemaa Elfna square, Morocco

89. The Badshahi mosque at Lahore, Pakistan

90. The parliament of Budapest, Hungary

91. Baalbek, Lebanon

92. The forbidden city in Beijing, China

93. El Tajin, Mexico

94. The Burj al arab hotel, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates

95. Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

96. The mosque of Djenné, Mali

97. The golden gate bridge and the San Francisco bay, States of America

98. The Kennedy space center, United States of America

99. The Ermitage winter palace, : Russia

100. The PETRONAS towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Now tell me, if you have the money to travel but not rich, which one will you choose from the list to make a visit? The list above can be your guidance to select your next trip in Matta-fair.

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