Google Adsense banned your account for invalid clicks, what's next?

For some funny or unlucky reason or mostly due to invalid clicks, Google may disable your adsense account by sending you email to notify you. I am sure you will be jumping like a mad monkey and barking like a mad dog when you received it. However, once you’ve received the email, you might need to understand why Google charge you or take away your adsense account. Although it could be a mistake and that could be unfair to you nevertheless Google has a very strict tracking program to monitor for invalid clicks without identifying the culprits.

Now that you have received the email and know that it is a mistake, you will need to prepare all the evidence that in favour of you and make an appeal to Google, however chances may be quite low that you get back your account, still you can always try.
As we know the chances might be low to get back your account, perhaps a few tricks here and there that I've learned from a friend can get you a new account, because Google will not allow the same banned publisher to create a new account.

  1. Choose a new computer to start a new blog and then apply it with Google Adsense.
  2. Make sure to find a new IP address so that you can login to your account.
  3. You must use another name (your relative?) and different address for your new account.
  4. Login with new computer and IPs to access your account, never use your previous PC or IPs as this might get Google to find out the new account has correlation with the previous one.
Note: This does not apply if your site/blog is banned from Google.

Do you believe or tried this before?
*One of my friend did it ^_^*

Or for prevention, you can visit Google for more information on "What can I do to ensure that my account won't be disabled?"


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