You can report crimes happening in your surrounding on this site

Crime rates have increased this year and it has caused much nuisance endangering public and peace. I was involved in one last year, where I’ve nearly get mob by 2 Indians or could be 2 Bangladesh who plans to hack my car window whilst riding their motorcycle. I was around a road (currently the mob and snatch thieves are happily carrying out their skills) nearby my housing area driving to my destination, when I saw 2 individuals on a motorcycle looking suspicious talking to each other and pointing to both a car in front of mine, and mine. Luckily, I’ve managed to escape from this mishap, speeding like mad (as long as my car could handle it) and broke away from them. The most terrifying experience was to see one of them bring out a huge hammer where you use to hack down walls in constructions and chase after me.

This is so dangerous and it happened so nearby my housing area. I couldn’t imagine if any of my neighbour kids were running around freely playing somewhere nearby. What would happen to them? Kidnap for ransom?

Anyway, I’ve stumbled upon a site where you can report any crime to them via a helpdesk online. It’s call Crimes in Malaysia or CIM.


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