7 Reasons Why You Fail At Blogging

Everyone wants to blog but will you last long?

You can see in the blogospheres that everyone wants a piece of blog site in the www. In fact, one may have more than 3 to maintain. However, some of them might not last even 3 months when they fail to achieve something they want when embarking into the blogging world.


1. Spelling

I know to some of us English may not be the 1st language but with technology around the corner, you can always use the spell checker to correct your grammars. I use MS WORD all the time. This will help readers to understand the message you want to convey, and thus show them that you are doing your best in that way.


2. Regular schedule

From my 10 habits, I have mentioned before about the frequency of your postings. How regular are you to post in your blog? Once a week? Twice a week? Every day? When you decided on a frequency, you might as well stick to the ‘habit’. I bet readers don’t like to wait for long for the next post.


3. Branding your blog

How do you do branding on your site? This is something that I am learning. How do you want readers to recognise you? To stand out from the crowd, perhaps branding will help advertiser to recognise your value.

4. Write for search engines

Everyone blog for money, thus everyone blog for search engines to hit as many keyword as possible. Eg: Money Making Blog, How to make money online, etc. This may be able to generate some traffic to your blog but your blog may not be full of good contents for the readers to focus or return. Why not write for your readers?


5. Link Love

Are you stingy in linking others? Lazy to communicate with others? As I’ve mentioned in my 10 habits post, link love is important to help you get your page rank up. when you blog about something you found on some blogs, and you wish to also blog about it, try to link to them so that it doesn’t appear like you steal from them.

6. Honesty

You are not honest to your reader. If you wish to blog about your earnings or traffic, then you got to be honest and show them your result, as long as it doesn’t go against the TOC of your advertiser’s.

7. Commitment

How committed are you in blogging? Are you passionate about it? I’m sure we want to follow the pioneers of bloggers who have earned thousands but are you committed to your blogging?  To achieve what they have, one need to commit on the work no matter how torturing it may sound. You sow what you reap.



(Remember to use good blogging manners)

4 Responses to "7 Reasons Why You Fail At Blogging"

SlumbeRaja said... October 9, 2008 at 11:17 AM

lisa, this is my honest opinion for you. i'm not jealous or anything. u know i always visit ur blog but i think ur page got toooo many things going on such as widgets and etc. its about psychology i think. if u put too many things esp ads, people u'll think that ur blog is no diff than any other blogs out that trying to make money although that's maybe not our intention but each people think differently. once u established ur brand, u can put anything u want bcos people keep coming to ur blog anyway.

just my opinion.

-=THIS IS MY SITE=- said... October 9, 2008 at 11:22 AM


I can totally agree with you and relate to reader's feeling..

However, when I've started this blog, I aim to drive traffics to this blog as well as help me earn some money..

Thus, I am trying to make something different from the other money making blog... still trying :)

Thanks for your comment :D appreciate more coming..

anneberly said... October 9, 2008 at 10:33 PM

wellwell my very first blog is almost a year now switch to a paid domainI now have 2 domains and two blogs. However I am planning to abandon one. Still not decided.
Sure we can xlink please add all my blogs and then buzz me
Beyond The Rave Reality, Computer and Electronics, Money Online Thoughts, Seek Health. Feel Great

-=THIS IS MY SITE=- said... October 10, 2008 at 2:03 PM

anneberly: wow, you really have a lot of blogs... will buzz you once I link you :)


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