6 ways to improve your reader’s experience

Building a site is not all about building a good looking theme only but building a site means getting your readers coming back and influenced by your site’s user experiences. Your site should be easily navigated whenever visitors come to your site, thus easier for them to look for something they want.


[1] Is ABOUT page important?

When I visit a site, I might be solely interested in what the writer offers in the contents. Mostly I will stumble upon their site whilst searching for something to read. However, I would also like to know who is the writer, whether a she or a he, where is he/she from, what he/she do or work and etc. I want to know who wrote the article and whether they are trustworthy or not. By making yourself known to the reader it makes yourself easier to be contacted. Thus, readers may inform you when your site has problem or give you some ideas on how your layout should be. Plus, they might introduce you to others as well.

[2] Do you find your site loading speed is slow?

Visiting a site with slow loading is sometimes threatening my patience. If I lose my patience I might not re-visit the site. Don’t you? Many readers may not have the higher speed internet connection privilege on their side, thus having a site that loads too slow might kill their interest in visiting your site. I love to install widgets that work very well for my purpose in my blog, however if I find any of it is making my page load too slow, I will take it out or pluck it under the footer so that the body will load first and the footer later. I believe there are many tricks or hacks out there that can help you tweak your page to load even faster.

[3] Do you prefer to organize by categories or dates?

At first, I would organise my site by months and ignore the categories as my list is far too long. However, I find that once I’ve pluck in the categories, the readers managed to navigate to what interest them to read. In money making blogs, it is most important to organise by categories as it will let readers select what they category they are interested in to read rather than finding it through the selected archives by months.

[4] I used related images

A picture speaks a thousand words. Most of the time I will put in an image to portray the topic I am blogging about, thus I can easily relay the message to the readers to the particular post meaning. It might intrigue more readers too.

[5] Make your content scan-able

Sometimes when I visit a money blogging tips blog, I may not take the time to read every word in the post and I will mostly scan through it to pick up the points. So how can I organize the post to make sure that my points are ‘highlighted’ out from the post? Well, I sometime use numbering, block quotes, bolded certain text, italic certain text, and point form. Readers can easily go through the list or words without reading others that might ‘waste their time’.

[6] Do you show your blog’s top posts?

When I visit a blog/site the first time via a search, after reading the specific post, I will search for any related post that might interest me. Having a top posts list might help me out to check out what other readers read. It helps me to navigate through their page to skip from one post to the next as well.

Tell me what other ways you prefer to be able to navigate through a webpage?





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