Top 5 lesson to make money online

Starting any blog that you want to make some money from is very easy and some comes free too. There are so many tips or tricks and heaps of information out there on ways to make money online, selling affiliated products or even creating make money forums. The toughest part of the above-mentioned will be continuing in blogging, like what I am doing in this blog. Why is it tough? Well, you need to maintain the frequency of blogging in your busy schedule. Sometime you probably need to turn into a hermit and gone missing for a week or two running your upmost important errands, and worrying how your traffic might tumble down as time passes.


Blogging for money sounds to me like a marathon and I do see some blogs fail after the excitement withered off. Getting ideas to blog in your blog is getting tougher as you go on. I know most of us wants to make money online as well as to start a money making blog, but read the list below before you start.


  1. Are you able to write good contents? Contents that will attract and gain the attention of your readers. Contents that reader will learn something from it. I find contents that helps people to solve problem keeps them coming back for more.
  2. Are you able to make your blog stand out? Anyone creates the money making blog with a general name such as ‘Money Making Blog” or whatnots. How are yours something different than the rest?
  3. Blogging not only takes your time and effort but also your intellectuality in writing something that you enjoy and wants to share with others. Are you able to do that?
  4. Everyone is writing about money making online. Same opinions and same points. Are you able to give different perspective?
  5. Do you know how to make your blog pleasant to read by reducing clutter? Perhaps this will be my next posting tips….


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