BigMoneyList New Project Self Update Linking

OK I've copied the whole post from here.

Here's how it works.

Go to his blog to get a CODE!
This code creates the self-updating blogroll you see below.

Each time a new blog joins this program, its URL will be instantly updated on every blog on the Internet that contains this code.

As a result, every blog will be linking to every other blog in the program. The result is increased Google Page Rank and Technorati Rank to all involved.

More importantly, there's no need for ongoing maintenance once the blogroll code is in place. This news will be a huge relief to those who have participated in various link/meme/tag trains in the past which gave early participants an unfair advantage or required returning to the master list frequently to copy and paste new code into one's blog.

To get started, place the code on the front page of your blog (where blogrolls normally go). Next leave your blog URL as a comment on this post. Comments on other posts, will be treated as requests for normal link exchanging. Next, I'll visit your blog to ensure that the code is in place. If it is, I'll include your blog's URL on the blogroll and immediately every blog in this list will link to you. 

To keep things fair though, all blogs participating in this program will be continually monitored to ensure that the code is in place. If it isn't, they will be removed from the blog roll. (I'm sure this won't be a problem once you experience the tremendous of the Big Money List 2.0 Blogroll)

Don't believe what it will do? Go check out my LINK LOVE from the top links.


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